Will telehealth work for me?


Telehealth can not only work for you, research shows that often it is better than other forms of health care...

I have found that telehealth is no longer the wave of the future but the best way to help people in the present. More and more research becomes available on a daily basis, and many advancements continue to be made in treatment and medication. Health care is being offered via telehealth, texting, many other forms of electronic media that people find works well for them.

At first it may feel funny meeting via webcam, yet after that initial session most people find this often is the best way to obtain their care and develop a road to a healthier life. Telehealth allows for reality and lets you live your life and be there for your family while doing the best things you can for yourself.


"Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) delivered online is effective for treating depression in adults concludes a new meta-analysis presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in San Diego."

New Research: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Delivered Online Effective for Treating Depression