Substance Abuse Counseling & Assessments

Substance Abuse Counseling & Assessments

Substance Abuse Counseling & AssessmentsSubstance Abuse Counseling & AssessmentsSubstance Abuse Counseling & Assessments

I'm passionate about finding the path that works best for you on your road to recovery! 



Addiction can take control of your life and lead you to feeling likeyou have no choices, power or control. I'm here to help you reach a place where you no longer have those feelings and are happy.  You are more than your addiction, it isn't who you are,  its a thing you overcome and I can help you along your journey. In your counseling with me I will teach you the tools needed to overcome your addiction.


Assessments and aftercare

I fully assess every client and meet you where you are at in your addiction and help you see what your options are.  If you chose to have others involved in your assessment I will take the time to speak to each of your loved ones individually. If you have recently graduated from an inpatient treatment program and want to continue aftercare from the comfort of your home, I'll create a personalized aftercare plan just for you. All of my counseling services can be provided in person, by phone or video chat.  DUI ASSESSMENTS 



Many addiction counselors will tell you there is only one way to treat substance abuse. I don't believe that. I'll meet you where your at in your journey. Whether you prefer abstinence or harm reduction we will discover the best path for you together. Addiction counseling helps many people who never need further treatment.

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